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H3C Embraces the Era of Digital Transformation


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With the development of 5G, IoT, AI, cloud and other cutting-edge technologies, digital transformation is accelerating the evolution of society’s methods of operation. In fact, IDC once predicted that by 2022, the digital economy will account for 60% of the world’s total economy. With the global impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the necessity for digital and intelligent transformation as a way of life has become even more of a significant priority for H3C.

Gary Huang, President of the International Business Department and Senior Vice President of H3C at NAVIGATE 2020

This proposal of a new intelligence strategy demonstrates H3C’s new insight and thinking on global intelligent revolution. “With the vigorous development of the global digital economy, the demand for digital transformation in various countries is continuing to grow,” Gary Huang, President of the International Business Department and Senior Vice President of H3C, pointed out. “We believe that the global digital industry has vast development potential, and this requires the participation of more enterprises capable of innovating digital and intelligent technologies. We will give full play to our own advantages, grasp market opportunities, provide the best digital transformation value for our customers at home and abroad, and become an important driver for global intelligent transformation.”

In 2019, H3C made inroads into overseas markets with an independent brand after its own name, helping countries speed up their digital transformations. Currently, it has developed business in seven overseas markets (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Japan), and it has penetrated core industries with high access conditions and requirements, including finance, carriers and government.

Consequently, H3C will accelerate the expansion of its overseas markets. “International markets will become major growth points for H3C’s future business. In the next three to five years, H3C will continue to optimize the layout of its global channel system, actively enhance its participation in international markets and facilitate the digital transformation of more overseas customers from top-level design to technology implementation through its industry-leading end-to-end integrated solutions,” Gary Huang said.

Based on the varying conditions of overseas markets, H3C will take its intelligence strategy as guidance and use its Digital Brain Project to concretely promote and embed its innovative achievements and technological practices into local core industries. It will create numerous and complete digital solutions with its partners, and it will support the digital construction of various countries through its strong capacity to integrate AI, big data and cloud computing, growing together with the global industry ecosystem.

H3C hopes to join hands with more partners and customers worldwide in order to expand its cooperation throughout the process of digital transformation, build a broader industry ecosystem, seize digital development opportunities and contribute to the promotion of the global intelligent revolution.

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